Hi, I'm Daniel, a British expat living the dream in New York. Currently, I'm a data reporter for FiveThirtyEight covering sports and anything else that comes my way. Before that, I interned with the good folks at Bloomberg. And before that I was the graphics editor for the one and only Columbia Missourian while completing my master's degree in data journalism/visualization at Mizzou. #MIZ

As a Brit that studied in the Midwest, it makes sense that I love weather. Specifically, I'm fascinated about climatology and mesoscale meteorology, or thunderstorms. If I'm not obsessing about tornadoes or sunsets, I'm frantically refreshing my for the latest news on the NBA (greatest league in the world).

Worlc Cup Qualifying

holland link

Quantified how bad The Netherlands are at soccer and why Argentina only just squeaked through in World Cup qualifying.

Deshaun Watson/Clemson

tornado-alleys link

Used Expected Points Added to see how Clemson Football has continued winning after QB Deshaun Watson left for the NFL.

New Tornado Alley Emerges

tornado-alleys link

Researched and reported all facets including geoanalysis in QGIS, graphics in Illustrator, and data analysis in Excel and Access.

Rising Sea Levels

rising-sea-levels link

Analyzed shapefiles and population in QGIS and created graphics in Illustrator. I then giffed my heart out in Photoshop.

Commute From Hell

commute-from-hell link

Team project with the Bloomberg folks. Imported/exported out of QGIS, and then imported/exported out of Illustrator.

Missouri Tornadoes

rising-sea-levels link

Analyzed the NCEI's Storm Events Database and the SPC's Annual Summary using Access. Graphic made in Illustrator.

Cubs vs Cardinals

cardinals-cubs-graphics link

Analyzed where it all went wrong for the Cardinals, and went right for the Cubs. Was my first experiment with ai2html.

MLB Wins vs ERA

ERA-wins-baseball-games link

Looked at the relationship between number of wins and ERA. Used Excel to clean, R to analyze and D3 to visualize.

Missouri Poverty

missouri-poverty-map link

Sourced and cleaned poverty data in Excel, converted to json and then visualized using D3 and Leaflet.

Sports Doping

doping link

Analyzed (and read) entire budgets from FY2016, 2017 and 2018, exported into json and then visualized with D3.